Going for the Green

Embracing the bold is a mindset that is (thankfully) trending all over the design realm. Patterns, quirky light fixtures, loud textures, and hues of green are all part of this boldness movement.  Yes, green! Accents and even entire walls of green are popping up everywhere like wildfire. Before you scamper away in fear, below are a few tips to incorporate this daring color in a variety of ways.


In the picture above to the left, a warm hue of green has been used to bring vibrant energy to an already warm, white-tiled kitchen.  The accented cabinets are enticing and welcoming- perfect for a contemporary home. In the picture to the right, the deep, rich green introduces mystery into the modern-style kitchen. The matte green pairs beautifully with the sleep counter tops and daring light fixtures. 

In the pictures above, green and its various hues shine brilliantly as accent features. Accenting rooms with green fabrics, green paintings, and even just simply plants is a simple, easy, and safe way to comfortably incorporate the trend of green into a room. When adding green accessories, the trick it to make green the common theme. You want the green decor to be the superstars, the main focus. When you look at a room with green decor, your eyes should be mesmerized by the various shades.

Now, for the daring individuals out there- if you are brave enough for the boldness of green, go all the way! Green walls are simply stunning when done right!  Don’t be too timid to trow some emerald, absinthe, or hunter green on your walls.  Adding some yellows, blue, or whites will offset the starkness, easing the eye. Green rooms are can be incredibly captivating when done just right!

The color green brings life and bursts of energy into any space and should be shown proudly. You will be surprised what a little risk can do for you!

Sweet inspirations,

Harlie Aldridge



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