Velvet, Tufts, Channeling, Oh My!

channel tufts7


Mid-century modern style sees a lot of sleek, shiny fabrics and textures while transitional style sees a lot of plush, over-sized furniture. Although these are all dearly loved, I’m currently obsessing over the loud fabrics and textures that are appearing everywhere- especially at this past week’s High Point Market!

Velvet chairs and couches were a plenty, and channel tufts made their presence known! While these fabrics and textures might seem outdated to the unknowing eye, they are simply brilliant when paired with the right decor and accessories. Bright colors paired with velvet allow the fabric to look updated and revitalized while channel tufting is complimented fabulously with muted color schemes- think shabby chic. There’s a reason these intricate fabrics and textures are coming back in style- they are, and always will be, widely cherished and adored.


Notice how all of the velvet pieces in the above pictures have colors of warmth in their immediate surroundings. Having warmer colors paired with velvet fabrics allow the room to not be weighed down by the heavy fabric- you are still able to have a light, cheery atmosphere. 

It is quite evident here that almost anything can be tufted (which I am not at all upset about)- velvet sofas, leather chairs and sofa tables, and even cloth cushion seats. Tufting extends far past the typical tufted headboard you see so frequently now-a-days. Do not be shy to show off this timeless texture!

I was very thankful, as always, for High Point Market this year. However, this year I was even more thankful due to the re-introduction to channel tufting. Channel tufting is a modern method to incorporate vibrant texture, and it is a texture that can be incorporated anywhere- sectionals to small sofas, accent chairs, and even running along accent walls (my personal favorite). 

Even though velvet and textured fabrics can be intimidating and overwhelming, beauty and sophistication can easily be accomplished. A design trick to help out- stick with one accent piece in which has a velvet fabric or tufted texture, then decorate around this piece. This will ensure the atmosphere of the room won’t appear dreary and out-dated.

Sweet inspirations,

Harlie Aldridge




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