Faux Kitchen Renovations on a Dime

vinyl flooring3

There are very few individuals out there that can say they have never grown tired of the space in which they live. However, if you’re one of them, you will be be inspired after this post. Renovations can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful and if you don’t do enough research. Thankfully, I’ve done plenty of this for you. Design styles and trends come and go, so why would you want to spend thousands of dollars on renovating your kitchen when not too far down the road you’ll be craving something else? This is a problem I face quite often given the variety of designs and concepts I see and fall in love with daily. Here are a few tactics and tricks I’ve discovered in order to fake pricey renovations for those that are not too keen on spending gobs of money!

Have the perfect kitchen layout. First things first, you need to determine your budget. When thinking about your budget you need to narrow in on the aspects of your kitchen that will require the most amount of money.  Commonly, the largest chunk of money goes towards the kitchen layout should it need to be redesigned. Think of a triangle work space- your refrigerator, sink and stove need to be just footsteps away from each other. If you are a frequent cooker, this is something you need to consider. If you are one that is not passionate about cooking, then this layout might be not be necessary.

Revamp cabinetry and hardware. So many times do people not recognize that a simple paint job can completely turn around an entire room. If you skip on the purchasing and installing of brand new cabinets and simply just sand and repaint the cabinets, you will be astounded at the different atmosphere you’ve just created- imagine all of the money you’ll save, too. However, if you are working with incredibly outdated cabinetry, you’ll want to consider one more touch-up: hardware. Replacing old, worn knobs and handles can revitalize a kitchen more than you think.


I know the kitchen on the right is stunning, but only focus on the cabinets. The uppers and lowers have not been replaced, but they have been sanded, primed, and repainted. Also, notice the kitchen island- this too has been repainted to match the cabinetry. With this bright touch-up, the hardware (handles and knobs) didn’t even need to be replaced! The only other aspects that have changed in this kitchen are an added light fixture, new bar stools, and new flooring- that’s it! See what a little paint can do? 

Throw up some wallpaper and backsplash. Laying tile and handling grout is very intimidating for some, but it truly is not that scary nor difficult! For those of you that are hard pressed against laying tile yourself, try a laminate backsplash. It’s as simple as sticking wallpaper to the wall. It is nearly impossible to mess up and can give your kitchen the look in which you’ve always dreamed.


Check out the above kitchen. This kitchen looks newly renovated, but, in all actuality, the biggest renovations here were simply repainting the uppers and lowers and adding a backsplash. Those two updates within themselves are impactful enough to completely update any kitchen. If you’re adventurous enough to tile yourself, this will result in a longer lasting product and is worth your time. However if you are too timid, be very careful when laying the backsplash/laminate- be mindful of air bubbles that may arise. 

Install your own accent ceiling lights. When you look at a kitchen, your eyes typically move straight towards the appliances and counter tops, and unfortunately ceiling lights are so often overlooked. This is because there are too many people that are not taking advantage of the many, many chandelier and hanging light fixture possibilities! A recessed light or a globe can SO EASILY be replaced. By unscrewing the globe and retaining mechanism, disconnecting the wires, and a few more steps, you could have yourself a brand new accent light that would wow anyone.

 The kitchen on the left has simple elongated glass hanging lights. With this simplistic, warm kitchen, you do not want a light fixture to detract from the airy atmosphere. These light fixtures add the perfect touch and height to the room. Without these fixtures, the room would appear quite bare, as if it was missing something. 

The image on the right shows a chandelier in a living room, but this chandelier is paired with a medallion. Should you need to add an extra oomph to your decor or chandelier (or if you need to cover up the hole in which your globe was previous encased) a medallion is the perfect solution.

Fake the flooring. When it comes to renovating on a dime, faux material will be your best friend. Faux materials can mimic the real material quite marvelously at times and is a quarter of the price. While many use faux marble or granite counter tops, many forget about the option of faux flooring. Vinyl flooring is an easy solution for those wanting new floors without breaking the bank. While I would definitely recommend going for the true hardwood floors or ceramic tiles in order to ensure the longevity of the floors, sometimes life doesn’t allow us to spend that kind of money. This is the moment when faux materials become your best friend.

Top left: blue and white patterned vinyl tiles. Far right: ash grey wood vinyl. Bottom left: varied grey large vinyl tiles.

Spend the left over money. If you’re under budget by the end of the renovation, rethink your appliances- consider your sink. If you have a desire to replace your sink with one that is more in style, be careful when determining your finish. A sink will show the most visible wear, so you’ll want a finish that can handle some wear and tear. For example, a matte surface can handle scratches and won’t show obvious water marks.

Even though some of these aspects in renovating a kitchen can seem intimidating and daunting, you’ll never get the trendy finished product you want if you don’t even start.

Sweet inspirations, 

Harlie Aldridge 



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