Spring Isn’t Just for New Flowers


In the season of Spring, it isn’t uncommon for us to toss the old and bring in the new. Many of us do this with joy while others cringe at the thought of throwing away objects that cost money. Even though cleaning out old clothes or Post-It notes from our desks is easy to do and easy to replace, the same is not true with pieces of decor. Instead of changing out the majority of a room’s accessories to refresh and revitalize the atmosphere, here are seven simpler options that can turn any room around!

Play with an accent wall. Plain, boring white walls are my design nightmare. So many people are afraid of wallpaper and paint and don’t take advantage of these two design favorites to spruce up a room. If you don’t want to repaint every wall or put up wallpaper on every wall, just choose one wall- make this your accent wall. Figure out which color is commonly repeated throughout your room and decor (or you can choose a color complement of the color that is repeated). Once this is determined, find this paint color or find a wallpaper that consists of this color. Throw it up on one wall, and you will be in awe at how amazingly different your room will feel!


Replace your bedding. Few things make me happier than replacing my bedding. If you have kids or animals, Spring is the perfect time to toss and replace. A different bedding can bring so much life into a room when you consider changing up the following: its fabric, fabric texture, colors, patterns, accent pillows, and throw blankets. If you have an overall neutral bedroom, brightly patterned bedding can wake up your room instantly! If a drastic change is too scary, then simply changing your bedding’s fabric and texture can do wonders. In the cooler winter months, your bedding is most likely of a heavier fabric- such as wool, thick cotton, or a heavy woven fabric to trap in the warmth. Switching to a linen or a rayon bedding will welcome in the warmer months perfectly!


Choose a piece to upgrade. Accent chairs are widely popular and dearly loved, so replacing one of these chairs can be bittersweet. The solution? Don’t replace them! Keep that dingy, most likely stained chair. Reupholstering this piece, instead, allows you to keep your beloved chair while upgrading it at the same time! With practice and tutorials, reupholstering a chair is quite do-able, but there is also an abundance of options for those that do not trust themselves with DIY’s. Choose a fabric, texture, and/or pattern that complements the surroundings of the room, and don’t be afraid of a fabric that is loud and bold- after all, you are looking for something different, right?

rc 5.8


Lighten it up. Similar to focal pieces (mentioned below), light fixtures can alter the state of a room. Think of a breakfast room or a hallway that has just a simple globe. Now imagine the same room with a gorgeous, ornate light fixture (this can be a dramatic chandelier or a trendy hanging light). It can be quite simple to replace a globe light with some research and moderate DIY skills (given your electric work is still up to code). Light fixtures are commonly forgotten about, but can drastically spruce up a room.


Refocus the room. Focal points are sculptures, paintings, photographs, or anything in a room that captures your eyes’ attention immediately. Light fixtures can even act as focal pieces. These pieces should be limited to one per room and should be the center focus of the room. When a room is blessed with a focal piece, the remaining decor accessories can be very simplistic. You do not want anything to take the attention away from the focal piece. When wanting to give a room a new look, try searching for a focal piece that captures the atmosphere or feeling desired in a room. A shabby chic living room might have an elegant crystal chandelier; a modern living room might have a daring stone sculpture; and a french living room might have a large countryside painting over a fireplace as the focal piece. When the piece is placed and other accessories are removed to bring full attention to the focal piece, you have a brand new room!

The focal point in the left image is the large painting of a human face; the focal point in the top right image is the painting of the countryside; and the focal point in the bottom right image is the gold mirror above the couch.

Greenify, then greenify some more. I know- greenify is not a word, but it should be! Plants and planters should be required in many rooms- they just bring so much life and energy! The most boring and stale rooms can be uplifted with a few house plants here and there. For those out there like me that kill any plant on which I set my eyes, there are still greenery options. Succulents are wonderful and require very little watering. You can also spend a few extra bucks to purchase quality faux plants. However, I would be very careful with this option. Nothing is worse than an obviously fake bouquet or plant.


Re-curtain. Gosh, I could spend hours discussing how to re-curtain a room, but I’ll spare you. Curtains have the ability to turn any traditional room into a transitional room or turn any modern room into a mid-century modern room. Curtains have beautiful, hidden powers. Try switching out your floor length curtains to a scarf valence, or switch out your blinds for romantic puddle curtains. You can even switch out your rod pocket heading curtains to tab top heading curtains for a softer, more updated look. Changing out the curtain fabric, lengthening the fabric to stretch the entire height of the wall, and much more can restyle any room possible. Here is a great resource to learn the ins and outs of curtains: http://www.curtains.interiordezine.com/articles/.

The left picture contains romantic puddle curtains; the top right picture contains a scarf valence; and the bottom right picture contains grommet top curtains. 

Fabulously decorated homes are not just for the wealthy! With a little creativity, anyone can have the decor and style they wish to have!

Sweet inspirations, 

Harlie Aldridge


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