Say No to Naked Walls

When you think of wallpaper, does your mind automatically jump to a horribly outdated, 1990’s styled bathroom? I know images of muted tans and vertically patterned wallpaper might be running through your mind, but you need to put a band-aid on that scar and face the facts- wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever, y’all!

With a little risk (and some help from those experienced) the right wallpaper can stun anyone walking through your home. Wallpaper can elevate the drabbiest of rooms and turn those into high-end designed and well respected rooms. Here are a couple options for those shy to wallpaper and those that are daring enough to be bold- which is of course what I would suggest!

The Shy. For those that want to follow the trend of incorporating wallpaper into your home but aren’t quite comfortable with an elaborate, eclectic design, you might try an earth-toned wallpaper. This style of wallpaper won’t be so striking to the eye, but will add the perfect touch to any room.


The courageous. If you feel comfortable with making a statement but still want to stay on the safe side of the fence, you might try an accent wall. Choose one wall in your designated room for this. It truly doesn’t matter which wall, but do avoid a wall that already has many distractions. To determine the wallpaper design you need, look around your room. What colors do you see most?

  • Wallpaper should consist of the room’s main decor color
  • A muted shade of the room’s main color can be another choice for wallpaper. A muted shade would offer a softer, more gentle appearance to your room while the same exact color will offer a more bold, daring appearance.
  • Another option that works beautifully on accent walls is a wallpaper that consists of the color complement of the room’s main color. View any color wheel to determine this.


The bold and daring. If you are truly considering a daring wallpaper, then yay! It thrills me to hear of those taking a risk within the realm interior design! Risks in design show creativity, uncanny intuition, and personal confidence- who wouldn’t want to exhibit these characteristics? To help you achieve this, here are a few things to consider when decorating with bold wallpaper. Choose one of the aspects below in which to fixate, and determine your wallpaper from there.

  • Think of the color scheme in your room. You might have a feminine, muted color scheme in your room, so gold accented wallpaper will bring in life and pizzazz that still follows with a simplistic color scheme (see top left image).
  • Think of the theme in your room. If you have set colors and a set decor theme, you can choose a wallpaper which elicits a scene that pairs well with colors present and decor. In the bottom left image below, the scenic wood wallpaper complements the rustic decor and dark blues in the bedroom.
  • Think of the patterns in your rooms. If you have fabrics in a room that have patterns, such as a small print floral design, you can find a similar wallpaper that consists of a similar print (see top right image).
  • Lastly, if you really want to be daring and try something different, throw some wallpaper on the ceiling- oh yes, I said ceiling. If you have dark walls or dark decor, a bright wallpapered ceiling will bring great height to your room allowing the room to feel more open and less confined (see bottom right image).



Sweet inspirations, 

Harlie Aldridge 


2 thoughts on “Say No to Naked Walls

  1. Crazy to revisit the idea of wall paper, but your pics and ideas make SO MUCH SENSE!!!!

    Let’s do my guest bath first….I’m totally in!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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