The 3 Do’s of Accent Pieces

The majority of designers would agree that one must-have every room needs is a statement piece. Not only do we love a dramatic touch of flare in rooms, but focal pieces make designing rooms that much easier. Choose a statement piece and simply decorate around it. As simple as this sounds, incorrectly incorporating a statement piece can be the demise of the room’s atmosphere and decor. In order to avoid this, follow the three do’s below, and you’ll never go wrong!

Go bold. In my personal opinion, patterns and textures are everything. And then even more. A patterned piece of furniture is the perfect focal piece to any room. It immediately draw an eye’s attention and adds a whimsical touch to any room. The trick with this accent piece, though, is to go bold and be loud. Choose colors that stand out and patterns that are wild, but make sure you are able to incorporate the piece’s main colors throughout your room as well. Unification is key to making sure all decor blends well and complements the focal piece.


Consider the background noise. When you have selected your accent piece, whether this is a piece of furniture, painting, or structure of art, make sure the surrounding decor does not detract from this piece. You want a visitor’s eye to go straight to the accent piece and then slowly work its way around the remainder of the room’s decor pieces. To do this, make sure you have sizable pieces of decor ensuring the room will not be off balance in any way. However, when doing this, make sure the decor pieces are visually calm. For example, try to not incorporate another pattern should your focal piece have a bold pattern. Opt for a soothing, complementary gold or other metal piece of decor.


Remember who you are. At the end of the day, you have to remember who is going to spend the most time looking at your accent piece and decor. Go with you gut when incorporating and decorating around your accent piece. Trust your instinct when determining what you like. If you are trying desperately to live up to high-end magazine standards and forget about what you truly desire, you will regret the accent piece and surrounding decor. All that matters at the end of the day is that you can enjoy your home and what’s inside of each room.

Play around some, get comfortable, and let your accent piece shine!

Sweet inspirations, 

Harlie Aldridge


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