Apartments Need Love, Too

When someone moves into an apartment, there are very few options as to how you can upgrade your newly rented space. For myself, this is something I’ve struggled with badly. Between asking the complex for permission and them not allowing you to make the changes truly needed to “fancify” your home, why even bother?

But, if you’re anything like me, it’s quite difficult to live in a run down apartment when all it takes is a few touch-ups here and there to make it spectacular. For today though, I’m only going to focus on kitchens- everyone’s favorite. Check out the images below, then guess how much the renovation cost.






Brace yourself- updating this kitchen cost me under $35! Yep, $35. I purchased 3 sample cans of paint (this was cheaper and I didn’t need an entire gallon), totaling to be $10. All of the brand new hardware (cabinetry knobs) set me back a whopping $19, and the much recommended wood floor polish averages about $5. That’s it. That is all I did to this apartment kitchen! The blue paint brought color contrasting attention to the diamond tile backsplash; the new kitchen knobs added modern detail; and the wood polish allows the flooring to appear brand new!

Go look at some paint, check out some decorative hardware, and shine those floors! What’s the harm when it will only set you back a couple bucks?

Sweet inspirations,

Harlie Aldridge 



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