Apartments Need Love, Too

When someone moves into an apartment, there are very few options as to how you can upgrade your newly rented space. For myself, this is something I've struggled with badly. Between asking the complex for permission and them not allowing you to make the changes truly needed to "fancify" your home, why even bother? But, … Continue reading Apartments Need Love, Too


The 3 Do’s of Accent Pieces

The majority of designers would agree that one must-have every room needs is a statement piece. Not only do we love a dramatic touch of flare in rooms, but focal pieces make designing rooms that much easier. Choose a statement piece and simply decorate around it. As simple as this sounds, incorrectly incorporating a statement … Continue reading The 3 Do’s of Accent Pieces

Ever Changing Designs: Rustic Chic Kitchen Updated

Being in design, it's impossible to be completely content with a project. Naturally, I frequently visit past projects and revamp, restyle, and redecorate. Below is my most recent design on a rustic chic kitchen! You'll find open concept shelving, a bench seat island, ceiling beams, pattern play and more!       Don't you worry, … Continue reading Ever Changing Designs: Rustic Chic Kitchen Updated

Say No to Naked Walls

When you think of wallpaper, does your mind automatically jump to a horribly outdated, 1990's styled bathroom? I know images of muted tans and vertically patterned wallpaper might be running through your mind, but you need to put a band-aid on that scar and face the facts- wallpaper is back, and it's better than ever, y'all! … Continue reading Say No to Naked Walls

Spring Isn’t Just for New Flowers

  In the season of Spring, it isn't uncommon for us to toss the old and bring in the new. Many of us do this with joy while others cringe at the thought of throwing away objects that cost money. Even though cleaning out old clothes or Post-It notes from our desks is easy to do … Continue reading Spring Isn’t Just for New Flowers

Faux Kitchen Renovations on a Dime

There are very few individuals out there that can say they have never grown tired of the space in which they live. However, if you're one of them, you will be be inspired after this post. Renovations can be quite expensive if you aren't careful and if you don't do enough research. Thankfully, I've done plenty … Continue reading Faux Kitchen Renovations on a Dime

Velvet, Tufts, Channeling, Oh My!

  Mid-century modern style sees a lot of sleek, shiny fabrics and textures while transitional style sees a lot of plush, over-sized furniture. Although these are all dearly loved, I'm currently obsessing over the loud fabrics and textures that are appearing everywhere- especially at this past week's High Point Market! Velvet chairs and couches were a plenty, … Continue reading Velvet, Tufts, Channeling, Oh My!

Going for the Green

Embracing the bold is a mindset that is (thankfully) trending all over the design realm. Patterns, quirky light fixtures, loud textures, and hues of green are all part of this boldness movement.  Yes, green! Accents and even entire walls of green are popping up everywhere like wildfire. Before you scamper away in fear, below are a few tips … Continue reading Going for the Green