Ever Changing Designs: Rustic Chic Kitchen Updated

Being in design, it's impossible to be completely content with a project. Naturally, I frequently visit past projects and revamp, restyle, and redecorate. Below is my most recent design on a rustic chic kitchen! You'll find open concept shelving, a bench seat island, ceiling beams, pattern play and more!       Don't you worry, … Continue reading Ever Changing Designs: Rustic Chic Kitchen Updated


Say No to Naked Walls

When you think of wallpaper, does your mind automatically jump to a horribly outdated, 1990's styled bathroom? I know images of muted tans and vertically patterned wallpaper might be running through your mind, but you need to put a band-aid on that scar and face the facts- wallpaper is back, and it's better than ever, y'all! … Continue reading Say No to Naked Walls